Get PSN Codes for Free

Get PSN Codes for Free

Having a PlayStation console makes you invest in games and every game that is released in not cheap. In fact, most popular games that are being released nowadays aren’t below 50 dollars. Spending that much money on a single game is a way to appreciate the work of game development companies, but sometimes it is just too much to handle. There are easier ways to get games on PlayStation Network, and we will explain all about it in examples bellow.

What are PSN codes?

PlayStation Network codes are serial numbers designed to unlock the full content of any game on the PS network. There are numerous ways to acquire them, and the easiest way is to complete surveys various websites and get the code as a reward. This is how Sony shows appreciation to fans of the console and people that are contributing to its growth and progress. By completing a simple five-minute survey, you can get a chance to win a free PSN code that will unlock the randomly selected game on PlayStation Network.

Exchange and Donate.

34hbbznAnother way to get free PSN codes is to create an account on gaming community forums and start exchanging the ones that you have for new ones. It works like this: if you have a game that you don’t want to play anymore your place and add stating that you want to exchange PSN codes of that game for another one. People will start commenting on your post and eventually someone will contact you about the exchange. You can also donate your old games to people on forums and similar sites, to get a rating that may get you a free game. The bigger rating you have, the bigger the chances are that someone will donate a game to you.

Sell your PSN codes.

To get money to buy the PSN package like the 20$, 50$ or 100$ package you can sell your old PSN codes to other people and get enough money to buy the package that you want. If you have a console for a while, you probably have games that you are tired of and that you don’t want to play anymore. Why not sell them? People will pay you real money for PSN codes of your old games, and they do this a lot. Simply become a member of any online gamer community where people exchange, buy and sell PSN codes and name your price. Not every game has the same value, so more popular games cost more money. Sell a couple of your old games and you will get enough money to buy a PSN package.

photoBeing a member of PlayStation Network has a lot of benefits, and one of them is a chance to exchange, sell and buy new codes. Game value drops over time, but you can still get some money from them by selling them online. This can be a great way to get new games, and you will never have to buy and actual game again.

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Tricks for Instagram That you Must Try

Tricks for Instagram That you Must Try

The popular social network Instagram for years has fans and true lovers, who begin a day and end it with the most daring (and most successful) photos. It does not matter if you post photos on Instagram for your soul or you have a large and loyal following of, perhaps you are a passionate gamer that uses Instagram to find out news from the world of games – these tricks will make use of the popular online service for photos easier and more fun.

Instagram followers

Become a Hashtag Master

hashtag (1)Most people have learned to add a few photos with the hashtag published on Instagram. There are a few tricks by which you can work as real professionals. For starters, try to use emoticons in hashtags – this is the current trend. Hashtags are important because they are a way to attract real followers on Instagram and interact with them.

You can also add in the original description or comment photos. Let’s say, if the description should be short because of the automatic sharing on other social networks, you can only set the hashtag in the comments. Also, you can add your hashtag in comments of a photo that is published by others.

Easy Operation Of Joint Account

Let’s say you have a great time at sea or festival. The team you took a bunch of great photos with is great, but you do not want all of them to share the access data to the user account on Instagram. It can be solved by sharing a folder on Dropbox or Google Drive with them and ask them to put photos there. When all the material is there, just post it.

Use Instagram Just For Editing

fashion instagram

If you ever wanted to use Instagram filters without uploading, this is the trick for you. Turn on the flight mode on your phone and edit all you want. Download Instagram and upload photos. As you are not connected to the Internet, it will not be possible to upload photos, but they will remain in your phone storage.

Remove the Geotags From Photos

By default, photos that you post to Instagram are coming with the geotag, which indicates where they were taken. You can change this setting: Open the “Photo Map” and permanently remove the photo from the map.

Remove Yourself From the tag Photos


Open your profile. Click on the button with silhouette people, located all the way on the right. You’ll find all the photos that have your tag on. You can click on the photo options and choose to remove the tag completely or keep it, and remove the photo from your profile.

Start the two Instagram on Android

If you have two user accounts on Instagram and you want to stay logged in both, install Instagram for Android.

Start Multiple Applications for Instagram on your PC

For this trick, you will need a free emulator for android BlueStacks and will enable you to use Instagram on the same computer as you use it and on the phone. Sometimes there are problems with antivirus software, so keep that in mind.

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Explanation of Hungry Shark Evolution aspects

Explanation of Hungry Shark Evolution aspects


Games like Hungry Shark Evolution are out of spotlight and I don’t understand why. This game in particular is beautiful and only bad thing is introduction of microtransactions, but the developer must earn his share of the money somehow. I write this article, to promote certain aspects of this game, rather than writing plain and shallow article about the whole game.

I will skip all the introductory part about this game and talk about more pin-point things, things like advanced controls and other such things.

happy_birthday_hammerhead_shark__by_luisamunguia123-d77c2caBoost control will be your best friend in this game, and turtles your special dish of the day. In the case of all sharks you can play in normal mode ( special sharks are not included ) boost will give you shark a temporary speed boost, which can help you catch a pray that is faster than your shark. It will also help when hunting for flying birds and Paragliders. It has other useful benefits, but I will let you discover them. Turtles are important because they will restore your boost bar to the maximum whenever you eat one. Tapping on the screen if you play by tilting you device or pressing two fingers on the touch screen if you like to play like that are the ways to activate that boost. Using hungry shark evolution unlimited coins and gems you can boost your shark to the max easy.

Jumping out of water is done by using boost at just the right moment. That moment is when your shark is just about to break the surface of the water.

Beaching is another technique for getting more food with the help of the boost. If a land mass you want to beach on is small you will be able to go over it and eat every human there. If it isn’t, then be satisfied with few humans on the beach, humans that are close to the water. Be careful when you do this, because in some cases the prey is not worth the hunt. That is the case when you take too long to get back in the water and you lose all bonuses given by those tasty humans.

hungrysharkevolutionlogoWhen you end a turn in the sea your score will be transferred into coins and those coins can be spent in two sections. One of those sections is evolve, where you will be able to upgrade your existing shark or unlock next shark. Then there is a general store which offers a lot of different items that you can purchase and equip your shark with. Each and every item has its bonuses and picking a right set of accessory items for your run may determine how long your shark will survive, and how much it will grow. There are also companions you can purchase. These companions come in the form of small sharks that will help you when you hunt, and that will defend you when the dire time comes.

If you have a free time and you simply don’t know how to fulfill it with something interesting, then try Hungry Shark Evolution.

You will see how good this game is by the number of the hours you will invest in it.

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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood related questions and answers

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood related questions and answers


Some people get glitches and they rage quit and some find lack of some features  too much for them and they abandon a game. And others ask about those things before they do anything. I will write answers for some of those questions about a game called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, to prevent people from rage quiting before they find answers for their troubles. So, please, before you abandon a game unique and excellent as Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, read this article, and do some side-research.

The lack of pause button has baffled many people, people too busy to play every day in particular. Well, this game runs on real time, and thus can’t be paused by anyone. Only pauses that happen in this game are updates, when a game gets new features, and it goes down for some amount of time.

kim23This issue is troubling many people, because they lose fans every time they log in and do a fast check of everything. You will not be able to stop the loss of fans, but you can limit it to smaller number. If you don’t want to do that use kim kardashian cheats – which will help you a lot! There’s a ton of different tactics, strategies and solution to everyday problems, regarding the game. Don’t enter the game if you can’t play for longer period of time, and that way you will avoid losing fans upon every entry. Just enter once, when you are ready to play, and you will lose small number of fans at that occasion, which you will retrieve through playing. You can also check out some preview here:

This game is under constant stream of updates that repair different glitches. One of the more game breaking glitches is the glitch which causes your manager to stop sending you projects. This can be hard thing to face, and only real way to go around it is to send a ticket to support and wait until they fix that. But, in some cases it is not the glitch that is causing the lack of projects. It may be the case of lack of projects for the level you are. If that is the case, you have to reach next level through other things to get new projects.

Then, there are some goals that have to be fulfilled to unlock new projects. Do a quick research on your level online before you judge the lack of projects as the glitch.

9067351_f520Some people simply want to rest a bit from a game, and return to it later. But, by uninstalling Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, there is a big chance to lose your progress. This is the case for all devices apart from iPhone. In the case of iPhone, iCloud will save the progress of your game, even if you delete/uninstall it. But there are still some problems with iCloud and there are complains in which people state that iCloud didn’t save their game data properly, and it got lost. But, if you back up your dives via iTunes on regular basis your game data should be preserved. This is not 100 percent safe way of saving your game data, and don’t test it by uninstalling game, and installing it back again.

Don’t unistall game due to advice from troubleshooting. Contact the support before anything else.

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5 best Android apps for kids

5 best Android apps for kids



Kids today come into contact with smart devices at a very early age, and that is something we simply cannot avoid. The best way to channel their curiosity is to install on your phone or tablet some applications that are appropriate for the age and interests of your kids. If they can learn something by using the Android or iOS apps, then screen time does not necessarily have to be harmful for kids. Here are 5 free apps suitable and useful for kids.

    • tom1Talking Tom, Gina & Co. – surely you’ve heard of the game “Talking Tom”. This game has been a hit among children for several years now, and even some adults like it, too. Tom is a cat that repeats your every word. Although it sounds trite, this game can be very entertaining. Children simply enjoy listening to their own voice and leading an imaginary conversation with the cat (or other animal that you choose). This is a great vocal exercise for your little ones who are learning to speak or who like to talk.


  • Kids Puzzle – this is a classic puzzle game for smart devices. They are intended for the youngest children (up to 4 years), because they are very simple and easy to assemble. The number and size of the puzzles are different, and colorful and interesting pictures will draw the attention of children. This application can be an excellent introduction to stacking real jigsaw puzzles, and it is useful for developing fine motor skills and logic with your kids. In the market there are a lot of “puzzle” applications, so you choose the one that is most appropriate for your children. We suggest this one because it is a great introduction to this kind of games.




  • monstersMonster Numbers – this is an adventure blended with simple mathematical tasks that must be solved before you can advance to the next level. Believe it or not kids simply adore it. The main character is a lovable squirrel whose spaceship got broken on the planet of numbers and your task is to help it find all the necessary parts needed for repair.


  • Tap the Frog -a toad that wants to turn into prince jumps around looking for his crown. This very popular game will help children develop fine motor skills, speed and power of observing details. In addition, it is very fun and addictive and will keep the kids attention.


  • 1433226544_toca-kitchen-22Toca Kitchen – this is a game where you are in the role of a chef. Choose who you want to prepare a meal for and get to work. Your guests are a boy, a girl, a kitten and a donkey. Each of them has a unique taste and requirements that you must satisfy. Shred, mix, bake and cook with your children or allow them to play alone. They will learn more about food and food preparation process and they will see that it is not very fun when someone does not want to eat what they have prepared (such as broccoli, for example).


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